Mama Laughlin

Here’s to you Healthy Girl,

Here’s to getting up at 4:30am.
To making your sweat cry all over the gym floor.
To lacing up when you’d rather sit on the couch.
To shopping sprees on workout gear instead of purses.
To Runners Wings.
To Runners Highs.
To bruises and scrapes and cuts from Crossfit.
To blisters and calluses from weight lifting.
To coming home from work and changing into workout clothes instead of comfy ones.
To ordering grilled fish instead of a cheeseburger.
To sacrificing sleep for workouts.
To taking hours to food prep.
To chasing your kids around the park instead of sitting on the bench.
To slipping on a pair of pants to find they are too big.
To buying a smaller size.
To wearing a bikini for the first time in years.
To embracing your flaws because you work hard.
To the ipods that hold your “go hard” music.
To finding the perfect pace.
To running in 100 degree heat.
To running in freezing cold.
To running at all.
To earning it when others don’t have to.
To tank top season.
To PR’ing in a race.
To crying at the finish line.
To fist pumping at the finish line.
To crossing the finish line.
To running through pain.
To sacrificing late nights out so you can make it to the gym in the morning.
To eating big ass salads.
To skipping out on the chocolate cake.
To turning heads.
To feeling sexy.
To lifting heavy.
To squatting ’till your ass hurts.
To clothes drenched in sweat.
To chafe marks from running.
To not hating dressing rooms.
To not being out of breath when walking.
To craving fruits and veggies.
To sweat dripping down your forehead into your eyes.
To fitting in your friends clothes.
To trying new fashion trends.
To feeling invincible.
To being faster, stronger and better than yesterday.


4 thoughts on “Mama Laughlin

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  2. I’m sorry I didn’t write this . I got it from one of the blogs i follow on BlogSpot. that’s why there’s a link .But I am glad you like it! I thought about doing the same thing so when days I feel blah it would motivate me to get up and go!

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